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How to Setup Wireless Printer: An essential guide

Guide and Installation to Setup Wireless Printer

Wireless Printers allow the printers to print from other devices on the same network. The printer needs a location within the wireless router range where it can be placed and the documents and other files can be printed without any cable connection. Follow the instructions to get the answer of how to setup wireless printer?

How to setup wireless printer

1. First of all, check if the printer has a confirmed wireless network connection. 

2. Follow the user manual and turn on the power button.

3. Connect the printer with the router.

4. Initiate to install the drivers of the printer before completing the setup at .co.in/setup. Also, make sure you enter the correct printer model number before you connect.

5. Install the printer app from the website and start the setup process.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions till the setup process is complete. 

7. The moment the setup will complete, you can use it for the printing tasks.

How to connect to a wireless printer windows 10

How to connect to a wireless printer windows 10

1. Connect the printer to the power source and set up the time, region, and date from the control panel.

2. Download and install the printer drivers and connect the printer to the network.

3. Visit the .co.in/setup and enter the printer model and version of OS you are using.

4. Install the software and choose the connection type to follow the further on-screen instructions.

Wireless printer for mac – Setup

Wireless printer for mac

1. For wireless printer setup, collect the necessary details. Ensure that the printer is turned on and connected to the same network.

2. Wait for the router and printer to establish the same internet network.

3. Download and install the printers’ drivers for installation.

4. The installation procedure is in the downloads folder in the MAC dock. 

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.

In case you want to connect the printer with the USB cable, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Connect the USB cable of the printer to the computer or laptop. 

2. Go to the control panel and search for the ‘printers and scanners’ option.

3. On the top at the right corner, select the ‘add a new printer’ option.

4. Search for the name of the printer and add it to the list.

5. Follow the on-screen steps and your printer setup will be completed.

Location for set up:

Locate the printer at a place that is in the range of the network. The printer must be placed at a position that can help in locating and establish the connection easily. The wireless printer set up with the WPS always demands a strong connection with the router where ever the printer is placed. The computer and printer must always be on the same network.

Technical requirements before the Canon Wireless printer setup:

To install the drivers for a Canon printer, make sure you choose the correct model no. for establishing the network. Download the Canon Printer drivers before the setup. Add the printer for the same wi-fi connection and enter the WPS pin for the printer and you are good to go.

Guide for Printer setup

  • The wireless printer setup generally needs a router connection with access to the internet. Grant the access to enter the network details using the Wi-Fi’s password.
  • Detect the router and let it connect to the printer.
  • Install the software setup on the computer and complete the procedure.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

WPS Wifi Setup feature allows connecting easily Wi-Fi supported devices. This feature configures only one device at a time. It does not require a network name and password to connect with the printer.

Wifi protected setup

Connect the printer with WPS to WI-Fi:

1. Ensure that the router has a Wifi Protected Setup button or icon.

2. Make sure that the printer is placed in the router range.

3. Add a printer to the WPS mode by clicking on the touchscreen control panel and choose setup, network, or Wireless settings. Select the WPS setup option. Push the button and press start.

If the printer is without a touchscreen control panel, then press the wireless button unless the connection is established.

4. Press and hold the WPS button within 2 minutes for a few seconds for connecting it to the computer.

5. Once the lights stop flashing the printer will be connected to the network. Also, ensure that the device is on the same wireless network as the printer.

6. Install the drivers and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the printer with the device.


1. What if the WPS setup connection shows the error?

   If the connection fails, it can be due to the range of the router. Also, it can be due to the time-out mode. If the default network settings are not maintained then, it can lead to failed connection. 

2. What if the router does not have a WPS button?

   Restore the printer to the default network settings. Connect the device again and follow the steps again to set up the wireless connection with the printer.

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