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Network Printer – How to set up?

How to add a Network Printer?

A printer is connected with the different computers but on the same network where the computers are used at a place. It can be wireless, wired, or Bluetooth for the network connection. The printer setup can be completed either by sharing the network with the printer or add a local printer. Quickly run down to follow the steps to install a network printer with windows and MAC.

Network Printer

Technical Requirements:

The printer shared with the network must have the port to connect to the router. You must download the correct drivers and the software according to the model number of Lexmark Printers. Connect the printer and share it on the available network by following the instructions on the manual.

Location to keep the Printer:

While sharing the printer on the same network, make sure that you place the printer within the range of the network. If the network gives an error then you will not be able to complete any print job as commanded to the printer. The printer should be placed and connected to a PC which can further share the printer with other PCs on the same network.

How to set up a network printer on Windows 10?

1. Install the printer software first. Make sure it is turned on. Check the manual as well before you connect the printer for the basic instructions. If it can be shared on the same network then add it.

2. To connect the printer, it is either connected to the Wi-Fi or the ethernet cable. Use the built-in menu for selecting a network. Use the documentation available with the printer to note the model no. etc. for following the manual instructions.

3. If you are using a wired printer, connect the printer cable to the PC USB port and another printer cable to the router port. 

4. If the printer does not have the display then follow the instructions after you download the software.

5. Change the router settings for setting up

6. Add to the network computers from the Windows settings menu. 

7. Go to devices and click on printers and scanners. Add on the network from the option.

8. If you do not find the printer automatically, then click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’. Discover the printer manually by adding the name. The printer will be connected.

Network Printer on windows 10

How to add a Printer to MAC?

1. There is a method where you can add the printer without the additional drivers’ software installation. AirPrint is the assistance option where it is compatible during the network setup. 

2. For wired connection, connect the printer LAN cable into the port and another side of the port cable to the router. 

3. Connect the printer to the MAC with a USB cable. If you have a Wi-Fi printer, then install the software and follow the on-screen instructions for the setup.

4. Select the Apple menu and click on system preferences. Choose Printers & Scanners. Select the printer which you want to connect. 

5. Add the printer of your alternative by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

6. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the network

7. Download & install the drivers or software required and follow the instructions

Network printer on Mac

How to network printer sharing?

In case you want to share a printer with any PC and install a local printer on the PC.

Connect the printer to the PC with a USB cable.

Add the printer from the windows settings option.

Follow the on-screen instructions to add the printer manually by selecting the sharing printer to PC options. 

Network printer sharing

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