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The computer randomly turns off

Computer randomly turns off

Ever thought about the computer randomly turns off without any warning. No! But, if this situation occurs then eventually you will lose your task information on instant notice.

Well, random shutdowns can cause breakdowns during working hours. A computer can mess up your tasks and other details saved in your files.

So, when the computer keeps shutting down randomly, and all you need is an end to this problem. If the computer randomly turns off frequently then it might be a problem. 

Various reasons always come up when you face a computer shut down due to annoying issues. So this post will end up solving your issues most of the time before you finish reading this post. Follow the guide below and find the reasons along with the solutions which can help you fix the issue for the computer randomly turns off.

Here are the Reasons and Solutions for computer randomly turns off issue

1. Overheating

computer overheating

The trouble may occur if the computer overheats frequently the moment you work for some time. This can cause a sudden shutdown, hardware component failure, or a system crash. The computer can handle the room temperature heat for a long time but the computer shuts off randomly if it overheats. 

So to overcome this situation try placing the computer in a ventilated area. Dust off the fans that might be blocking the vents from dust. Due to this, the PC fans will not work properly.  

If you cannot find the computer working correctly then get your PC repaired after a professional inspection. Also, you can contact our experts for help to solve an issue in a minimum time.

2. The Power Supply

A faulty power supply can shut the computer off itself. This can also lead to burning or even a short circuit. This issue can turn into a complication if the power cord is connected but does not receive power.

Check the power cords and clean the spaces around the cord. Always verify the power cable outlet working before you plugin. Check the signals of the device connected. If the lights still blink, it means it is working fine.

3. Malware

If the computer shuts off spontaneously while working then there are chances of software-related issues turning up into the computer. There is malicious software that might be infecting the operating system. This issue can crash the system files which results in the computer shut down at any time.

For protecting the computer from any virus all malware, download and install a Windows Defender antivirus package. This will scan and protect the system from deadly viruses that can turn down the system easily. 

4. Out-of-date BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a kind of software stored on a memory chip of the motherboard. BIOS can change the working of the device or assist during troubleshooting issues Such hardware failures can result in random shut down of the computer. This can also cause permanent damage to the system.

For a fast and compatible working of the operating system, download and install the latest version of the BIOS for the motherboard to fix the problem. If not downloaded accurately, it will damage the hardware permanently. You can also update the BIOS latest version manually.

5. Fast Startup 

Fast Startup feature reboots or shuts down the computer within no time. This feature works for the users who want their system to be fast and is by default enabled. But sometimes this feature results in issues of random shut down spontaneously. 

This affects the working of the system for the users. To opt-out from such conditions, it is advised to disable this default feature for checking the system reaction further. To Disable the Fast Startup feature,

  • Start > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings to currently unavailable
  • Shutdown settings > Uncheck Turn on fast startup column > OK.

The Operating System

The Operating System always needs particular attention in terms of Windows shut down issues. If the operating system is not of the latest version then there are chances that things might go wrong in such a situation.

To control this situation, there is an option of troubleshooting the system or you can upgrade the system to the version suitable for your PC.

You can consider to:

Use System Restore Points

To restore the system:

  1. Click on Start and select Control Panel. Under this section select the System and Security option.
  2. Search File History. Open Recovery and select Open System Restore option. Click on Next.
  3. Select the system restore point and choose Next. Confirm the system restore point by clicking on the Finish option and click on Yes.

Reset Your Computer

Reset your computer

Reset the computer to factory default settings:

  1. Click on Start Menu. Type Reset and click on Reset this PC option.
  2. The OS will either stay on Windows 10 or will return to the old version of the system that was upgraded to Windows previously.

This allows the users to keep their personal files. This will uninstall the settings and other programs from the system.

Reinstall Your OS

Why not give your PC a fresh start? If it keeps turning off randomly, consider reinstalling your OS. Unfortunately, this will erase your personal data. Thus, make sure you have backed-up all your important files.


1. PC shuts down randomly not overheating. Why?

If the PC shuts down randomly then maybe the power cables are not connected properly. If the PC keeps turning on and off or fluctuations then check for the UPS connections and the batteries whether they are charged or not.

2. Can bad RAM damage motherboard?

No, even if the RAM is damaged it does not affect the motherboard. This is so because the motherboard generates the voltage for RAM itself by the converter. The converter detects the circuit and cuts the power before any other damage.

3. Why laptop shuts down suddenly without warning?

The overheating power supply can be the reason for the sudden shutdown. If the fan malfunctions then it can turn off the laptop unexpectedly. 

4. How to fix it when the computer shuts down at login screen?

The common fix is to disable the Fast Startup option. Go to Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings > Choose what Power buttons do > Change settings that are unavailable > uncheck Fast Startup.

5. When the PC randomly shuts off and restarts, how can we sort this problem?

There can be an issue with the power supply. Check for the cables and other connections with the power supply. Search for any software if it occurs with malware. Replace them by scanning and installing the new antivirus.

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