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USB Printer Cable – Complete setup guide

Set up for USB Printer cable

USB Cable set up with a printer can be completed through Windows, MAC, and even a smartphone. Use the printer connection to set up without any additional drivers.

Follow the instructions to set up the printer with windows:

USB Cable

1. Search for ‘Change Device Installation Settings’ and click the ‘Yes’ option.

2. Make sure you connect the USB cable from the port to the computer.

3. Add the new hardware device and install the printer. Make sure you install the printers’ drivers also to print successfully.

4. Search for the ‘Printers and Scanners’ option in the Control Panel. 

5. Add the printer by selecting the model. Install the drivers.

6. If the printer is not found from the list then, add the printer manually by finding the printer on the local network.

7. Select the ‘Next’ option. Select the printer port from the drop-down menu and select the ‘Next’ option.

8. Follow the instructions required on the screen to install the drivers manually for the correct printer model.

How to add a printer to Windows Setup USB Printer Cable without installing additional drivers?

USB cable printer

To connect a printer in Windows, follow the step-by-step guide to complete the process using the USB Printer Cable.

1. Change the device installation settings and select the β€˜yes(recommended)’ option.

2. Keep the printer in the network range. Turn to the Control Panel of the printer and select Wireless Wizard Setup from the settings option. Select the network name and password to secure your connection with the router.

3. Choose the wireless printer option if you want. Hold the WPS button on the router after the wireless button on the printer stops blinking. The connection is complete if the light stops flashing. 

4. The printer and the device must have the same internet connection.

5. Add the printer from the windows search. Let the network locate your printer and add the device to complete the setup.

6. If the printer is not found, click on the ‘The printer I want isn’t listed’ option. Find the printer and select to locate and add the printer manually.

Set up the printer for USB Printer cable connection in MAC:

 USB cable with MAC

1. If the device is already connected to the printer then, disconnect the printer and remove the printer from the computer.

2. Select the Apple icon and choose the System Preferences option. Select Printers and Scanners further. Choose the printer name and click on the Minus sign.

3. Restart the computer. Connect the printer to the USB port available on the computer. Install the app for MAC. 

4. Open the app and follow the guide installation instructions to complete the setup.

5. If the setup does not begin on its own, then add the printer manually by clicking on the plus sign.


Prepare a location for the printer to set up near the router. Arrange the USB cable which can be attached to the port of the printer and the computer that is required to connect to the computer. The cable should not be less than 2 feet and not more than 9 feet. The connection should be strong enough and the printer should be connected properly with the cables.


Technical requirements:

Before you set up the Epson printer with the USB cable, remember to download and install the drivers for model no. you are looking for in the list. Connect the printer and computer on the same network and set up the printer by following the instructions. 

If you are looking for a Network printer set up, CLICK HERE


1. What if the USB connection fails during the set up of the printer or the device says that the printer is not found?

  • Check for the USB cable if damaged. If so, then replace it immediately and restart the computer and the printer.
  • Ensure that the cable is secured completely from the ports.
  • Wait for the computer to complete the setup.
  • Turn on the printer and add the printer by following the on-screen instructions and add and install the drivers for the device.

2. What if the wired connection fails for the printer? 

  • Check the ethernet cable is connected. Restart the computer and printer if necessary.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the router and printer.
  • Turn on the computer again and connect the USB cable to the printer and router. Secure it from both ends. Turn on the printer now.
  • Check the lights on the port of the ethernet cable and make sure that the connection is fortunate. If it shows the green light then it must be steady but if it shows the orange light blinking then it might show you an error.
  • Go for network configuration by connecting to the control panel for the printer. Search for the wireless or wired networks and try to print the test page.
  • Make sure the network status shows you the option of ready for the general printing information.

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